Coves in coves on the islands of Ugljan and Pasman

Coves in coves on the islands of Ugljan and Pasman

Coves in coves on the islands of Ugljan and Pasman




After more than a month to sleep in the car on our air mattress we must confess that we had barely out of bed this morning. Yet we still have a program of the day because we want to visit the islands of Ugljan and Pasman.

So we take the ferry to Zadar direction the island of Ugljan. Once on the island we drive to find the most beautiful coves. From what we were told it is located on the side of the Adriatic Sea otherwise said on the West coast of the island.


After borrowing a very narrow path between two stone wall in a pine forest we not parked in a tiny parking lot and go down between the pine trees at the edge of the sea. We put our towels on boulders, then we put our masks and our snorkels and hop in the water.






The sea is turquoise and transparent. You can see plenty of fish but mostly a lot of sea urchins. A Council not to forget its beach shoes.

We have our picnic in the shade and then do a little nap before hitting the road for the island of Pasman.

We are looking for a sandy beach to play Frisbee but unfortunately there have not. What is for the Croats of palms of sands are actually of great tips aside concreted or towels piled up. Well okay apparently there's a beach of white sand on this island but this is a nudist beach and we were kindly return.



After swimming in a second Cove we take a road that climbs to the top of a small mountain to enjoy a magnificent view of the Kornati Islands in the background a sublime sunset (coordinated GPS: 43.909526, 15.405857)








To end this day we eat fish at the restaurant "The Mule" to Tkon to celebrate the birthday of Coline (my sister).


Useful info:

To go on the island of Ugljan to take the ferry from Zadar to Preko: the start address of the ferries: Gaženička cesta 28, 23000, Zadar, Croatia

To go to the island of Pasman take the ferry to Biograd Na Moru to tone: address: 23210, Biograd na Moru, Croatia

Alternatively, you can go from one island to another by the bridge that connects to take a ferry to a place and back by the other as we.

THINK of THE BEACH SHOES as in Croatia there is not a lot of sandy beach. Often these are pebbles or rocks.

Reunion at Plitvice Lakes

Reunion at Plitvice Lakes

Reunion at Plitvice Lakes



Joy, happiness, happiness because today we find my family who joined us in Croatia to spend a week with us. We therefore all together see the Lakes of Plitvice. This Croatian national park located between Zadar and Zagreb (the capital) is registered in the world heritage of UNESCO.














The morning is a little hard for some people but it was really worth because the sunrise over the falls… is sumptuous.

We walking on the wooden walkways to Miss nothing and we venture to points of given secrets to take the best pictures.

Little by little the world and walking to the queue Indian on gateways however this does not detract from the charm of the tour because progresses to the rhythm of the water flowing, slowly but surely.



Finally it took us a good half day tour to make the tour of the upper and lower Lakes using two shuttles included in our ticket.


Stroll in Ljubljana

Stroll in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital of the Slovenia and it is also the center of the country on the map so impossible to not stop.
We have a short stop to visit this beautiful city. So we Park in the city centre which is not very expensive and we'll leave feet lost in the alleys of the old city.
After having skirted the Tivoli Park, we walked on "three bridges", observed the castle on the Hill and strolled the streets, passing in front of churches or even visiting exhibitions. One that caught our attention is the exhibition on "European green capital Ljubljana of 2016", which shows the changes and efforts done to make Ljubljana a greener city. Photos before and after shows the achievements made in Ljubljana to try to remove the most cars of the city to promote public transport, bicycles or pedestrians throughout the city center. Progress has also been made protection and conservation parks, wastewater treatment and waste management. Anyway this exhibition confirms what we feel, the Slovenia is a country that's very advanced environmental and who more and where life is good.


After our tour of the city we have a big hungry so we are looking for the best pizza in the city "pizza Ljubljana Dvor" thanks to the Yelp site. The pizza that is served to us is huge! 50 cm in diameter is: 1962.5 cm2 of pizza in our stomachs for 11.5 euros! Nicolas is like crazy.

Before night falls we make a last tour of the city before you go looking for a place to sleep. Many people sing, play music and we cross many revelers parade disguised. This atmosphere is great, we'd love to stay but the thunderstorm and lightning surprises us. Suddenly the rain falls on us so we run to the car, we get lost and we finished soaking wet but we can find her.


Useful info:


the triple "Fun" emblematic Bridge: Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Robbov Vodnjak place: Me

the St. Nicholas Cathedral of Ljubljana: Dolničarjeva ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

the castle: Grajska planota 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

To eat:

Pizzeria Ljubljana Dvor along Ljubljanica.  Address: Dvorni trg 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

The water cycle and climate change – Water cycle and climate change



Hi friends! (English below and subtitles available)

Today, Thierry Lebel presents the linkages between the water cycle and climate change with a beautiful flight over the snowy Vercors!

Program: the redistribution of energy by atmospheric and ocean currents and changes in precipitation by climate warming.

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Thanks also to Remi and Corentin for this wonderful flight and motivation always on top! 😀

Hi Friends! (subtitles available just activate :))

Today, Thierry Lebel present the links between the water cycle and climate change with a beautiful flight over the snowy Vercors!

On the program: the redistribution of energy by the atmosphere and ocean currents and changes in precipitation due to global warming.

Also added pictures of the flight to the video! Tell us what you think about this in the comments and if you prefer because it's more active or if it bothers you to follow the speech of Thierry for example.

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Also a big thank to Remi and Corentin for this wonderful flight and motivation always on top! 😀