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Stéphane Labranche

Political scientist – COP21

Didier neighbor

Atmospheric chemistry

Thierry Lebel

Water cycle and climate change

Goran Bryntse

100% renewable energy in Sweden

Richard Wood

Environmental footprint

Tom Cronin

Wind technologies

Hans Christian Sørensen

The power of community

Preben Maegaard

Self-sufficient village

Christian Nereus Grant

Wave energy

Tonny Brink

Low power turbines

Jean Schmittbuhl

Deep geothermal

Anne Gravdal

Hydro Norway

Michael Raschemann

Self-sufficient village

Leire Gorrono

Community power

Frédéric Pierre

Create gas from a sewage

Clément Ritter

Biovalsan gas project

Cyril Colin

Start-up Elum

Doreen Raschemann

Visitor Center – self-sufficient village

Lucie Bezombes


Jean Jouzel

the IPCC and climate change

Olivier Peyre

7 years of worldwide 0 carbon

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