How to create electricity using geothermal energy

How to create electricity using geothermal energy

How to create electricity using geothermal energy

Today, we explain you everything on geothermal with a visit to the plant of deep geothermal next to Strasbourg!

We are to do this with the Director of the laboratory of excellence on the deep geothermal!

Today, we explain everything about geothermal energy with a visit to the deep geothermal power station next to Strasbourg!

We are for this with the director of the laboratory of excellence we deep geothermal!

First steps in Africa with a visit to the solar farms in NOOR

First steps in Africa with a visit to the solar farms in NOOR

First steps in Africa with a visit to the solar farms in NOOR




We took the COP22 to visit the project NOOR and its solar power plants to Ouarzazate in the South of the Morocco, which is one of the largest solar plants in the world!

  • 580 MW power
  • 4 different plants
  • Estimated cost: $ 9 billion
  • Mirrors on 2 500 hectares, more than the site of Disneyland Paris
  • Water consumption an estimated 2.5 to 3 million m3 of water per year



  • Power: 160 MW
  • 1 million mirrors
  • Operational since February 2016
  • Surface of 480 hectares or approximately 685 football fields
  • Uses thermal technology with sensors cylindro-parabolic. Large mirrors concentrate the rays of light in the center of the mirror where passes a pipe with the liquid (fluid) to heat it which will then create electricity
  • 3 hours of storage



Thermodynamic solar technologies have an advantage compared to photovoltaics: they allow to extend electricity beyond the period of solar irradiation, with additional investment, by storing the heat transfer fluid in tanks to be able to extract the heat several hours after the sunset.

Storage of energy is done at the entrance of the generator in the form of heat (560 ° C) in tanks of molten salt, allowing the plant to continue to operate in the absence of Sun.

It's what makes Noor 1 to store electricity for over a period of 3 hours.

The heat transfer fluid used is usually melted salts, by extracting a 'cold' tank (290 ° C) to 550 ° C in contact with mirrors, heat and then go through a heat exchanger to generate steam for electricity production; molten salts are finally redirected either to the cold reservoir, to repeat the process loop, either to a separate storage tank.



  • Power: 200 MW
  • Commissioning: 2017-2018
  • Area of 680 hectares (970 football fields)
  • Same technology as NOOR 1 but less consumer of water
  • 8 hours of storage




  • Power: 150 MW
  • Commissioning: 2020
  • Thermal technology with Tower
  • 240 m-high tower (Eiffel Tower done 340 m)!
  • 8 hours of storage




The most impressive was the visit of Noor 3 also in construction. It is the famous solar plant with large tilting mirrors that go this time focus all rays of light at the top of a 240-meter high tower

Currently it is under construction and is 200 meters high which is really very impressive! This project is built in collaboration between the Spanish and Chinese. Almost all of the signs are written in Chinese on the site and they have a basis of common life just next to the central to survive almost entirely next to the construction site on without getting to Ouarzazate in the nearby town.



Noor 4:

  • Power: 70 MW
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Commissioning: 2020


A wonderful visit which we has really allowed us to account the immensity of this project and the site needed to complete!




Understand climate change and renewable energy in paragliding

Interviews realized


Do you discover climate change and renewable energy like never before, thanks to short, simple and impressive interviews especially tandem paragliding.

Countries overflown

The interviewed

Specialists on these issues (researchers, responsible for project etc.). explain you a particular topic with very simple words, so that the message can be understood by ALL.

People met


To have more fun interviews and learn while having fun!

And what better than to talk about our beautiful planet by flying over beautiful landscapes that we must preserve?

Learn more about the origins of the "Fly for the Earth" Project

The themes of climate change and renewable energy deal with thousands of people.

For the world of research, for example, hundreds of researchers in all areas (physics, chemistry, economics, science policies etc.) working hard to produce very interesting research articles.

But then tell me how to access these items? They are usually published only in journals (Nature for the best known) and therefore read by… other researchers of course! This may be understandable since these items are, for the most part, very specialized. However, when the authors take the time to simply explain the main ideas, they understand quite easily. It is the same for many other subjects including for renewable energy.

That’s where the idea of our project: all direct access to very simple explanations of these people interviewing them. As we did not want that these interviews are boring, we had the idea of a new form of interview! These will be carried out in the Air, tandem paragliding, with unique décor of beautiful landscapes! We hope to associate different speech to protect our planet at stunning scenery, to show you how it would be a shame to lose all of it.

“Fly for the Earth” is also a project to invite you to travel, culture and any other activity to discover the world. That’s why we also created a travel blog with an interactive map which list all our items along with photos and videos.


Travel, learn, share and fly!


The adventure began in 2016 by the realization of several interviews in France. Following the success of these through you and over 20,000 people following our publications every week we decided to go see further !

More than 2 month of European Tour to discover climate change and renewable energy have allowed us to travel, learn, share with you all and fly! We went to meet different people and communities that act and get involved to fight against climate change and develop renewable energy, at all levels.


The COP22 of Marrakech

On the return from the European tour, we have prepared and participated at the COP22 in Marrakech in the French delegation in the  COP21 team of the Ministry of the environment, the energy and the sea. It was an incredible experience to be able to live a COP from the inside !!

And for 2017?

Now we want to capitalize on these experiences and all the knowledge acquired to carry out new actions of awareness, particularly among young people, but also conferences for businesses and a new cycle of travel !

Speeches and conferences

We offer advocacy on these issues in the schools and colleges.

We also organize discussions, conferences in companies or any other structure on:

  • The feedback of the European Tour in 2016 for climate change and renewable energy
  • The interviews and meetings of specialists
  • The preparation and participation at the COP22 in Marrakech or in other international meetings on the theme of the fight against climate change, renewable energy and sustainable mobility

We can share our experiences and knowledge, but also and above all, answer all your questions!

 The tour of southern Europe in September 2017

The next project to always learn and share with you will be in southern Europe.

We are currently preparing the tour of southern Europe for September 2017 that will also focus on sustainable mobility. In fact, the transport sector contribute to about ¼ of the total emissions of greenhouse gases and this is one of the most difficult to decarbonize!

Contact us for any request:

Do not hesitate to contact us for questions, suggestions, requests for speeches, conferences, interviews on these themes, we will be happy to exchange with you!

We are also launching the partnership for the year 2017 campaign. Feel free to help us by becoming a partner of the association, donor, or simply speaking into the air to the land around you!

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