Today is a beautiful day to fly. We therefore pay a cable car and the program, we must take three chairlifts to arrive at the top of the next to Lienz ski resort to be able to make a superb flight of more than 1500 vertical meters. It is on paper because in reality only a chair lift is in service so we walk up the rest. Fortunately we are well equipped with our light Kortel material that allows us to start to climb on foot on the mountain to the peak of Hochstein.





The path is rather steep, winds through the forest of FIR. It is already very hot but we are very happy to return to the market and flight.



After 2 hours of walking and 1000 m covered we are on top of the station. We have an incredible view to 260 degrees of Lienz, the lakes and the surrounding mountains. We’re looking for the official launch, which lies at the foot of the happened a chair lift at the top of a ski slope which is perfect for a nice decoration.







The flight is going perfectly, there’s time to admire the landscape and make great photos. Things get worse when land because we found no official landing and made us we decide to see what fields the better. We’re not agree with Nicolas: I prefer land next to the hut of packages while Nicolas prefers to take a more isolated fields. After a few rounds over the fields of a castle, you can see a dog that run like crazy for us to bite the ass as a sign of welcome. We therefore change my mind and choose another field at the last minute to ask us.

Barely there touches the ground with our feet we hear a shot fired in our direction, then a second. We hurry from falling out and here, a third shot is heard. We run with the sail and the harnesses to hide and we fold in 2 minutes. Then we run through the Woods. Ants we rise everywhere and we bite and then the nettles bite us the legs. It’s crazy we were very scared.

We hurry along the road to return to the car without being seen and set off at full speed. After all these adventures there some pancakes to regain strength and swimming at Lake Weissensee.


At the Lake, we met a very nice German couple with whom we decide to spend the evening and look for a place to sleep together. They’re called Kim and Markus. They are also on a road trip with a van going to Albania. We spend the evening to talk about our travels and our projects under the starry sky and then go to bed in his “House on wheels.”


When hiking in the vicinity of Lienz?

The lifts to go to the peak of Hochstein hut: GPS coordinates: 46.830903, 12.753412

Where to sleep? 

It is very difficult to sleep at the edge of the Lake of Weissensee (like others) because the Austrians are not happy to see trucks moving along the roads and make it known.

As for the park for the night, all mobile app which is offered by the app is close to campsites off we did not disturb so we have preferred to sleep away from the city on a car park with picnic tables on the road between Greifenburg and Spittal.