After a good night on the camping area as it woke very yoyo to go to the preikestolen because it is a very tourist hike. There are 5.5 km and 400 metres in altitude (maybe even a little less). Is a super plan to park without paying. At that time he did y person on the way too cool it quickly up the steps decorated with large stones.


In one hour it is at the top after false hopes to climb and descent. On the preikestolen it has three people who take pictures it’s great. There are also two tents with people who have spent the night here but who are still sleeping. It is photographed, the brightness is perfect.




It also made the acquaintance of a gentleman who is interested in the project in the air to the Earth. He is an Englishman and he can help us by providing us with contacts or much later if one goes in Great Britain. Nicolas also asks questions about the brexit and he gives us his opinion on what has happened in his country. It is very interesting s to tackle such a topic of news with a person who faces is really concerned by this vote.



Then the crowd began to arrive. We go up a little to have a view on the preikestolen and fjord in the background and we contemplate the landscape. It looks as people who play with their drones to be photograph or explore the cliff.


When one goes it is hoped that our car will be still there and that the local pound or the police not will be not passed before us. On the way we cross a couple of french pensioners who challenge us to find out if they are soon arrived. Discussing with them they tell us that they have arranged a Partner to sleep in. Exactly like us. They are on vacation for a month and go there where the wind takes them in the North of Europe. Given the name of the parking application for night which lets us know what are the parking lots where you can sleep. Come down the police car stops beside our car. Nicolas short and borrows in the car, the police told him could not stay there and that he must leave if she puts an almond. Has close it call and was even not paid. Take the road in the afternoon to mount in Odda and we stop at the waterfalls on the side of the road. The mountain drips everywhere it is impressive all this water. The evening arrived in the parking lot of hiking the next day we understand that we cannot sleep here because the parking lot is empty. Nicolas made however of the resistance. Fortunately, the owner of the House allows us finally to spend the night here. Again it was too much of a chance. The afternoon we stop for a small flight for Nicolas to launch nicostarten, I make him the nav.




The evening washing hair for me in the forest. Happiness. Today we say that one begins to really be developed;).