Soaring in Hvide Sande

End of the day we arrive at Hvide Sande, a large sandy beach that we had scouted because there are wind turbines on the beach, and this framework is perfect for cute pictures.


Nicolas was so happy out his paragliding to the soaring I think it’s better that it is him who tells you how it was.


Nicolas: “I thought the wind was a little bit too hard, but I too want to try the soaring to the Denmark.”. Suddenly I go out sailing, I teamed up with the 2 Karver Kortel and hop it is left for inflation. At the beginning I have a little snatch but I start from the top of a small dune to barely 8 meters high. There I head to the left to take based on the dune and try to reassemble. And there is MAGIC SOARING in Denmark as in my wildest dreams! I course of Km above this small dune, allowing me to discover this beautiful beach and the Danish village hidden across the dune. The people on the beach are not accustomed to see gliders so they are really too hot. I tell myself that should I return to return to Marine but so much that I was happy, I hadn’t realized that the winds were misaligned over the dune makes me fly it back to a speed of 50 km and there at 1 metre soil its scrolls fast. “I ask finally at the place where I had departed and I ask myself next to the magnificent windmills of Hvide Sande we talk about in a future article.