Let's Discover Renewable Energy and Climate Change by Paragliding




And here is the page on which we will share everything that will be in relation to our passion for gliding and paragliding!

We wanted to fly from any small as birds.

This is why we first took courses in aircraft airfield le Versoud near Grenoble. It was a great feeling but be inside a passenger compartment and the engine noise bother us particularly.

Then we had the chance to fly in Alphajet, Mirage 2000 and other military aircraft. It’s a great feeling but again, as we are inside a cockpit and that we have a lot of noise, there is still this feeling of flying like a bird.

Then came the turn of the glider in the massif of the Alpilles with a week of magnificent flight soaring through the Mistral (wind from the North in the South of the France). More noise from the engine and only the force of the wind to keep us in the air, really great. But then again we were “locked up” in a cockpit.

We have therefore made a paragliding course in Saint Hilaire du Touvet and the it was revelation!

Fly like a bird, sitting in an armchair close to the relief, without a sound and hardware that fits in a bag backpack and weighs 10 kg in total: the dream become reality!

After discovering the paragliding, you have more desire than to one thing: redo paragliding. On view through this activity a new vision of our land and we again discover the landscapes that surround us, but this time in flight, from the top.

You realize how much energy provided by nature can also be used to make up to 300 km without engine for the more experienced.

That is why we wanted to share with you this passion and this “means” of transport. We are also convinced that it is perfectly suited for meetings and why not also share on renewable energy and climate change through it! 🙂

Now that you know the Tour of Europe 2016, visit the sites of production of renewable energy with us! To learn more about climate change, paragliding or travel 🙂 And of course join us on networks: