After much hesitation to embark on the ascent of Triglav, we gave up because: first, we cannot find any information on this hike on the internet or the number of kilometre the height and or if it must be equipped to the last part of the hike when it comes to the Trigav from the refuge. Secondly, we are not really ready to carry huge bags and sleep in a shelter since my knees ache. What we would like is rather to do this hike in 1 day. Finally, third, bad weather and the threatening storm make us renounce this magnificent ascent. Finally, we fall back on a slightly less long hike to still have a nice view of the Julian Alps. Therefore, we choose the hike that goes up to the refuge of Dom na Komni. We do eventually 900 meters in height and 6.5 km.


At the shelter we have a view of the Lake of Bohinj and vertices that lie on the right side of the Lake. We picnic before the rain and get back.

This hike really beautiful is on a path that looks very much at home, we still allowed to fly and not too take the rain.

On the way down, the rain stops and the Sun returns. We decided to go swimming in the River to a place that they had spotted the day before along the road. Just after the bridge which spans the River on the way to the Lake of Bohinj from Bohinjska Bistrica (route 209), there is a sunken and wooden picnic table, a metal ladder attached to the rock which lets get down into the river. At this point, there is no current and a few people canoeing. The water is a little cooler than in the Lake, but this huge natural swimming pool is great for a swim. Besides, a lot of tourists cars, stop next to ours to look at us with envy and amusement.