This time, it’s the road that we discover the Austrian Alps as we go to Lienz. We drive to Zeel am See so until France to take the mythical road 107 of the Grossglockner.

This panoramic road of 48km through the Park’s Hohe Taurne and allows to have a fantastic view over 30 of summits, culminating at more than 3000 meters above sea level. This road is paid is very crowded in the summer so we got up very early to be the first to drive in order to stop often to enjoy the views.



The landscapes are breathtaking: of major mountain peaks of more than 2000 m, flowing glaciers on the mountains but also of the vast green meadows. The contrast between these colors makes these landscapes breathtaking.




We do breaks from each point of view to observe these Alps which fascinate us so much they are immense. Marmots, very curious come greet us.





From the point of view called “Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe” we have amazing views of the Großglockner (3 798 m) and the glacier Westerndorf. The katabatic wind (of glacier) we cooled but the view is so beautiful is engulfed in tunnels dug into the mountain to get a bit of the glacier. It’s amazing. Feels tiny in the face of these immensities.

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Pieces of road are paved which brings out the corners among the greenery. Nicolas pilot Partner as in a video game so these landscapes are unreal. Further, we meet big trucks on the side of the road that make us little landscape and then our car gets arrested on the side of the road by men in black with earpieces. We wonder what is happening. No one tells us but we understand more than this day there, turns a film or an advertisement for BMW. What luck, we are on the set and, by dint of stopping everything the two pure meters take pictures, the Partner has been found. Yes, because in fact, believing that we were out shooting has taken with the BMW coming down at full speed the turns and another car who was filming her. Suddenly the car stopped neat also surprise us to see, then the producers made us a head, which meant that they were not happy to find us there, oops.




Late morning we leave the Grossglockner road and you arrive at Lienz. It’s a beautiful day and there is a paragliding site which can be accessed with the lifts and a small walk. We then put our shoes and you start with our bags without suspecting what was going to happen to us… 😉 see next article. 


Borrow the road of the Grossglockner?

The Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse is a toll road. It cannot be borrowed during the opening and she is paid.

In high season (mid June – mid September), we can circulate from 5: 00 a.m. to 9:30 pm knowing that the last car admission is at 20:45 maximum.

The price of the toll is € 35 for a car.