You wake up with our German friends and we’re getting a big breakfast all together. Once it is sated each resumed his way with his “truck”. Them leave for the Italy then the Albania and for the Slovenia. We still hold meeting in Slovenia within 10 days on the way back.

Today it’s paragliding to the program but with a take-off and landing especially official and signposted. After the adventures of the day before, it’s safer.


On the road, going down to Villach, Nicolas spot in the sky of clouds of paragliding above the Lake of the Ossiacher See. This is the opportunity of would join the cluster and share a small flight with them over the Lake taking the lifts of the ski resort. We get a paraglider in stop and go take the cable car. Take another lift to reach the gap. The rise is expensive but like it’s our last day in Austria we say tamps and they pay 36 euros.

Nicolas is excited because after a careful observation of the clouds and the other paragliders, this day will be perfect for the cross. It is “small ulcs’ that show it.




Navy: “on takeoff, we deplit our sail beside the team Icaro and barely the time to put on our harness the veil lifts and we trained.” A boy takes in the lines finally he breaks free and after good running take off. We take directly a thermal and go up very quickly, very high. I feel not very uncomfortable because it moves a lot and because very quickly approaching clouds. Nicolas tells me which side I must look to wrap the thermal and the vario stop making beep beep. So meet at 2100 m altitude through clouds. That’s impressive. “After a one hour flight down gently to wing. Closer to the Lake and more I’m reassured. Asked on the aterro of acrobats doing a touch in water = Pan dragging his feet in the water and we put our satisfied material. »


NICOLAS ‘ after taking the cable because we meet at take-off at the top of Lake Ossiacher See.» He fat super nice and it’s really a steaming day we like. Take-off is a long grass strip very little steep. We spread the sail and expected to feel the heat for take-off. A good breeze front arrives and we upped the veil earlier than expected but it was attached and ready to take off so after that a little boy had managed to get out to see we keep a bit above our head to show the logo in the air to land and take off. After take-off we get to take a first thermal big that go us directly to cloudbase (cloud base) 200 metres above the take-off area. From here there are views of the Austrian Alps and I tell myself that must still be nice to cross in paragliding, but good it will be another story. We took the opportunity to have fun with the clouds. Then we head over the Lake to enjoy the view, do two three wings and eventually a big flare in tandem on the landing for the acrobats or a swimming pool at the top had been mit to do this. We then returned to pick up the car at 15 in a Volkswagen van. Finally it is not so different than at home with friends! »




Let’s visit the raptors to because they do not have them the chance to enjoy this steaming day in their cages. It makes us queasy to see them because they are so beautiful.







The streets are narrow what hardly to two cars in Slovenia. There are no cities in the sense where there are no buildings, not downtown. Everything is small. There are village houses flowering with very narrow roads and farms. The inhabitants are very nice it’s amazing. In fact we did not know ou overnight and it is very difficult in Slovenia to make wild camping because many wild campers vans price of fines according to what we read on the internet or on park4night.


So after eating in the parking lot of the falls of Vingtar, Nicolas will wash in the River look anything before leaving because can not stay here to sleep.  We drive but there is nothing. Fortunately, we met a lady in the street and asked him if she does not know a place that we spend the night. Very nice she proposes us to sleep in front of the barn they use for free. We thanked him a lot and then we will pesse store the car to not alert the neighborhood still.


How to mount at the top of the station to the Gerlitzen? 

Up at the top of the ski resort take the back mechanical: the first is called “Kanzhelbahn” (coordinated GPs 46.659690, 13.901654) and the second “Gipfelbahn”.

The price is € 19 for the driver and € 17 for the passenger rise up to the Gerlitzen (GPS coordinates: 46.695433, 13.913580).

Where to eat, where to walk? 

The gerlitzen, it is possible to eat at the shelter or go hiking back down. Upstairs, there is a great view on the Ossiacher See Lake and the city of Villas as well as the Castle Burg Landcrown (coordinated GPS: 46.641950, 13.896785)

To visit the Castle and see the Raptors we Park up the road in the parking lot of the restaurant either you park in the parking lot before Mr. toll and you go up on foot (about 10 minute walk to save 3 euros).

To attend a delivery of 40 minutes (only in Austrian language) raptors, it cost 10 euros per adult and must respect the following times: 11 h, 14 h 30, 17 h 30.