After a difficult night on motorway in Slovenia, we leave to the discovery of the South of the country which is much less touristy. We start with a trip to Ribnica then we take gravel logging roads to explore the surrounding forests in the car looking for bears. After climbing to the top of the mountains down without noticing any Teddy bear.


We’re looking at the tourist office to find out what for hikes to observe animals. There is a bear trail to observe the bears right next to the village of Kocevje. As it is very hungry we eat at the edge of the forest and the bear trail of pancakes with honey story to attract bears. Well belly fills one follows marking in mind to bear on the trees. The trail is short but here there is everything that is necessary for a bear: water with the river and a pond but also berries short the perfect place to chill if you’re a bear.




Unfortunately, we are little lucky, and we see nothing. We leave empty-handed to another trail, more away from houses and roads. We go up into the mountain and Park to a private bivouac camp. There fatigue we win and we do a little NAP in the car. Wake up we fall face to face with 4 from french of the Ain, who carry big bags to back. Well discussed and finally they say we be looking for the bear just like us. Definitely there is only the french who crave danger to go on an adventure looking for bears. We say that the first to see a bear must warn others to share this moment of happiness. To leave because they take management of the reserve and huts in the trees to observe others and we we’ll climb to the top of Lenik. In the meantime we meet camp owners that we offer to use their camp fire to make the meal and also tell us that an elderly bear lives here and that can be you will have the chance to meet him. We hurry therefore to go looking for him, but too late, he’s already gone and we can observe that its borrows in the wetland.


Ascension is fast, there are paths everywhere, this forest is a real cheese, and yet we don’t see many people on the way and the same person. Once at the top there is a book for our coming, and when you read the names of those who have preceded us, this goes back to 10 days which really proves that this forest is very very crowded.


Back to the car it recrosses the french who have set up their camp. It joins them to chat and share some peanuts, pancakes, beer and pastis. They tell us that they all have a BTS protection of the nature of the shot they are super hot on all animals that’s great. They are also looking for a cool to observe. After the meal we leave because the road to Croatia is waiting for us. This evening was beautiful and awesome.