Wake up, it’s very hot. You head out of the car and we discover where we spent the night. On an area of fairly cracra rests and which doesn’t look very good. It’s a good thing the day before we were too tired to realize this. We’re back soon our installation direction Salzburg to visit the city.

To return to town with the car and Park it’s kinda a hassle because there are jobs everywhere and the Austrians are pretty stressful driving. Asked the Partner on a large parking lot and set off on foot explore the city. We start along the banks of the Salzach and we pass small merchants of trinkets, then we arrive in the small streets of the city centre. They are all pedestrian and circulate that an electric bus. We pass the windows of the Mozart Kuguel, these little chocolates to the dough very famous almonds and pistachios. We do a small rasia then begins visits. (We took the Salzburg card for the day at 26 euros which gives access to all the sights for free and a boat tour).

1Banks of the Salzach in Salzburg


3Mozart Kuguel: chocolate almond and pistachio paste

First we go to the place with the Statue of Mozart, or there are concerts of classical music in full air.


We visit the Abbey St Pierre and its catacombs, the churches, the Dom district,…



We eat on the beautiful fortress that overlooks the city then we do some museums to get cool and end with the boat tour which is still somewhat a tourist. Fortunately, the humorous touch of the driver of the boat timing of the shot with her boyfriend brushes floating by rotating the boat in a circle on the water at the rate of a Mozart Symphony.





We then left the city to climb out of the Red Bull X Alps, the mountain of Gaisberg on red air overlooking the city.


Once upstairs we are team, we pay 5 euros (per day) in order to be allowed to take off. Just before flying you meet an Austrian paraglider tandem pilot. He is very friendly and is a paragliding school: “fly mozart”. We explain or is the landing he watching us take off with the two-seater. The view over Salzburg is amazing because you can also see the silhouette of the Alps in the Fund. This flight is tasty because it is very mythical. Nicolas also better than me talking about it.

NICOLAS: “happened in Salzburg is the first thing that jumps to the eye: the Gaisberg, first take-off of the Red Bull X Alps.” It’s the iconic race to market and paragliding which takes place every two years. Basically, starting from the city center of Salzburg, pilots must rally Monaco only by walking and flying. More than… KM best swallow in… days. In this game, many french are very good like Antoine Girard, Gaspard Petiot and others, but the king remains Chrigel Maurer, who wins the race… consecutive years. We’re very happy to be able to take off from here, and that the conditions are very good and it is a beautiful flight over Salzburg. We also wanted to go walking to take off again but the stop here works very well so after 25minutes,’re back us on take-off. I want to do a solo flight while Navy down the car as we have planned a visit to the Castle after. It feels good to do two three wings above trees. »



For his solo flight, Nicolas landed next to my feet by the way over the head. What Nice landing! The Austrian paraglider that we had crossed at the top also attended this aterro and so wanted to hire Nicolas for help of two-seaters as demand is very strong and there’s a lot of work. Happy Nicolas would so well spent a week in the skin of a two-seater monitor but the desire to continue the trip was stronger and fortunately for me, he is back in my partner.



So, we here on the way to the castle of Hellbrunn to attend the show of “Trick Fountains”. It comes water games which are in the pax of the Castle and dating back to the XVI th century.

We spend a very good time to laugh and make splash. The mechanisms of its fountains, by gravity impress us much.



Exhausted, the night we rest our House on a rest area and to sleep.


How to visit the city?

To visit the city it is recommended to leave his car at parking to walk on foot in the city centre or to use buses to travel.

Where to Park?

There are several car parks monitored by a guard outside the city. We went to the parking that is less expensive than underground car parks and named “Augustinerbrau”. It is located to the West of the city but there are also a lot of other car parks as the “Mirabell Congress Garage” in the North, on the other side of the River Salzach, ‘Alltstradt-Automobilteile B’ to the South of Salzburg, or “Fiefgarage jnipark Nnntal” to the East, and many others.

See, what to do in Salzburg?

To visit the monuments or museums in the city, there is the “Salzburg card” that allows to go free in most places of interest of the city. For 24 hours, its price is €27 per adult in peak season and €24 in low season. This card may also be taken for 48 h (€36) or 72 h (€42). For more information, click on this site: http://www.salzburg.info/fr

To mount to the Gaisberg, it is possible to take his car to have a panoramic view over the city or take bus 151.

It is possible to get there by car or bus 25 to go to the castle of Hellbrunn. It is located 8 km from Salzburg or a 20-minute drive. On the spot it is possible to walk in the park for free, visit the Castle paying admission and attend the show of the trick Fountains.

This list of thing to do is not exhaustive because of course there are many cultural, historical site and others to visit in Salzburg so you have more time.