We go to the Werfenweng ski resort to pick up the harness cocoon Kolibri sent by Kortel design in a paragliding school “teandem Fly”.


Once the parcel recovered is beautiful and all gliders in the sky invite us to fly with them so we hurry to equip without taking the time to discover the spot because time will turn the storm in the afternoon. So enjoy it now! We take the day of recovery in cable because (25 euros for the driver and 21 euros for the passenger) and here we are in the bubble with a two-seater pilot to fly tandem school we rising 900 metres above the landing.





The first flight is amazing. We follows gliders before us and pass on the right side of the mountain and then the second time, go explore gigantic rock circus that stands on our left. This is splendid.






For the last flight, the clouds begin to happen so remain cautious and decides to go down more quickly by making wings. Nicolas begins: a wing, two wings, three wings… and suddenly I don’t feel well at all and I ask him to stop but he continuous my ear to mouth, my head is spinning and I start to scream “NiiiicolAAAAAAAAs”. Not understanding what was happening to me, it’s the panic then once down let me explain. In fact it’s not very glamorous, but I had a plug in the ear that is put to me very badly during the wings, that’s why I was not very well during this flight. In short nothing serious. Found myself, the two-seater is folded before the rain and go for a shower well deserved in the Lake of Zell am See. Through the town of Zell See year, you meet a lot of veiled women, what intrigues us. After a little research on the internet, we learn that the Austria and Zell am See is a holiday destination that is highly rated by the Qatari who come to relax and take the air in the mountains. Back to our swim at the Lake, we put very long before you find a page that is not private or paid. Indeed, there are almost everywhere on the banks of the beach clubs owners of the beaches of the Lake. We don’t want to pay to swim, we follow discreetly towels teens who go to the Lake. We discover a lake with a nice access between two wooden huts. We do so a splash in the middle of the ducks. The water is warm is transparent it is a bit hidden so we took the opportunity to rub well. This is the first time of travel that we take this kind of shower and I must say that we were rather pleased as we laughed.



Werfenweng is 1 hour from Salzburg. It is a ski resort in winter and a place to ride for the summer. You meet a lot of the Austrian come on vacation with your family.

There are many hiking possibilities either in the Valley or more on the heights. For this you can visit the site of the town of Werfenweng which is very well done to learn about things to do in the vicinity of Werfenweng.

The price of a rise in cable car is €11 and the round trip costs €15. For paragliders who want to take several times the lift, there is a pass for the day at €20.