Today huge hike: 1000 m of altitude and 22 km went back and all this in maximum 10-12 h. DSC_0612

OK, I can assure you that on paper and see the head people who back this hike does not dream. It’s a bit like going to hell: work or die. So after having nightmares all night, Nicolas pulls me from the bed at 4:30 to be first on the road. After a rude awakening we attack the 1st rise at 5:30. Markets climb in rock. It’s hard because ca climbs for 2 km. It is 400 m difference in 30 minutes. You’re too thoroughly. We double full of people on the way and this hike turns into a real race. But we still take the time to make like mat in fort Boyard, there are each performed km with the fingers.



The last two km are the hardest. Nicolas double me and short front to see the language of the troll. Are mounted between the pots (full of small lakes in large pebbles stone) and then after a passage in the snow here we come. There, the view is magical and more was set a small record: it is these 1000 m of difference in altitude and 11km in 2 H 56! Less 3 h are too proud because Norwegians from the previous day told US put 7 h to make the return went.





As we morning, there still not many people on the language of the troll.  We will therefore wander above. It is very impressive! It overlooks the fjord of so high it’s crazy.


Some photos later we devour our sandwiches because we have a mega hungry then is pressed down. Always in our optics to a record it hurries to double everybody. The one falls on a couple of Americans met the morning and we start chatting in English with them. He is a doctor and she is dance teacher in a school of finance in Texas. They are very interesting, one speaks of everything: health system, port weapon, education system, good plans in Norway,… It is not the downhill pass. You still eventually of depletion and ends alone hiking. The arrival has a program nearby and too cool: small shower small beer and laundry. Finally the supermarket is closed and there is no shower. It fell back on another plan: to find a campsite to make everything. We will therefore in a place a little pome and the surprise there is that Chinese cars coming photographed the waterfall nearby. The washing machine does not function properly and the dryer do not talk. But there are two Swiss in the laundry room and they are super cool. There is also the family of Czech Republic for the 4th time since the Norway its starts to do much. Coincidence? I do not know in any case they are afraid of us because they think that it follows and especially they take Nicolas to a fool because it their application all the time what they have done and what they will do, where they come from… It’s very funny but a little blase especially since they are machines of wars they bonded hiking on hiking.