Hiking to the foot of Nigardsbreen (3 km). It is a ride on the rocks along a lake and a river that flows from the glacier. What is impressive here is we really arrive at the foot of the Glacier. The ice is really blue and it is tunnels. It is also very clear crevices and meant the water flowing beneath the ice with small cracks. Its been cold in the back and at the same time it is so beautiful that with Nicolas on promises to try mountaineering in Chamonix.









Hiking secret Bergset mountain to see the Steinmannen and Bergsetbreen glacier. It is the office of tourism, which told us that hiking is not in veins hures for tourists that is why it was decided to call it the ‘secret hiking’. Must be mounted between the pet and a small straight towards the Mountain House. This almost vertical hike is very impressive. It quickly took the height and hop it has an amazing view on the Valley and on the glaciers. We are still not gone at the end of the hike because it bed raining ropes and the descent scared us a little with the floor slippery. It was when even swallows 400 m difference in 1 h which is not bad.


As it is not yet quite tired is chained with a hike to the foot of the Bergsetbreen (6km). This time we walk in the Valley along the River to arrive at the foot of the glacier. It still rains a lot but it was worth. This glacier is different from others because it is very steep.



Hiking to Myrhonna 430 m in altitude to climb on the mountain of the Manneen. De facto departure at the edge of a Lake after a very steep and full of turns gravel road. This hiking we were told by the Lady of the campsite which promises us a super view on all the glaciers that surround Jostedal. That fall well the rain has subsided and there is no fog. Here not tourist except for a somewhat crazy family makes the same hike we with young children. They climb the rocks and climb in the snow. They slide to find flat-bellied but parents have the air of mock them. Me because I have that sneakers because other shoes are soaked I prefer not climb to the Summit because rain will happen and I don’t want to drag down. The view that we have at this stage of the hiking is just mad. Pictured above all the glaciers and the Nigasbreen in its entirety. It has the shape of a snake of ice that flows between two mountains. We realize also that all the glaciers share the same snow and they are large ice flows. A bit of sunshine to illuminate everything and it’s magical.