To relax a bit on monte in Trondheim to visit this city but also achieve the interview of Richard Wood, an associate professor in the programme industry ecology of the University of sciences and technologies of Norway. At Trondheim so we eat a pizza on the docks. The atmosphere of the city is very soft. People are not pressed, they take time and there is no large buildings. The city is really a human size. In the centre, the apartments and the cafes and shopping malls are in red brick. Furniture style loft with wooden crates, valves valves with also skins on the back of the chairs where the blankets in wool on the benches. One feels here.



Stone in the villages, it passes before the Royal residence and then before the great Church and one arrives on the wharf or are the old houses which are made of wood of all colors. Are also mounted at fort overlooking the town to have a view on the sea.






At 5 pm we have appointment with Richard. He welcomes us into her home which is very pretty. There are spaces, little furniture and large windows. His wife and children play ground. He offers to do the interview in mountain bike next to the Lake which is located 5 minutes from home. It’s a nifty idea. It lends to Nicolas a bike and a helmet and it’s gone. The interview is not obvious to achieve because GB pro trembles slightly as Nicolas hold it at arms length and pilot his bike with the other hand. The other difficulty is that Nicolas is Richard must ride close enough one another back in the frame while the path sometimes shrink or monte. In any case they have a good laugh and I think that this interview is going to be great.
Back at Richard it is 18 h and he suggested we stay eating at him because his wife has already prepared dinner. We are quite surprised of the proposal but one accepts a little embarrassed. It updates the table with them, then each used, kids eat with hands short it really is a way to receive different from us but which is too cool. The meal is just delicious on the menu of the chicken with bacon and onions, mashed carrot potato and salad. To accompany this they also serve us beer for dessert and a good red wine of Italy. Discussed everything, they are very open and super nice, we take this opportunity to ask them lots of questions about the Norway and the differences with the France on the themes of the policy than education or the cost of housing. They also advise us to do the Bessegen hike which is a must for the Norwegians and which almost to move on will we see some reindeer. After this very good meal thanks to well Richard and his wife and take the direction of the Park of Jothuneim. On the road it is not to have been able to share this moment with a Norwegian family and it is in this time that we say that travel and exchange with other people is really the best way to know a country.