Come by boat * at 1 p.m. in Norway, the first thing that it does is very original, yes we call local emergency to determine if you can go show the Nicolas tick bite. Response of a doctor no it is not worth unless you are sick:-are you sick? Nicolas reply:-not so no doctor for you receive. Good we are reassured, we leave quietly picnic on a highway area or very curious Norwegians come squarely to watch in our trunk. They are worse that the Germans said so. We visit Mandal, first village recommended by the guide du routard. It looks nice but is not phew not more. Us what you want to see it is a village at the edge of water with lots of small red and white houses. There was only asking because by continuing to roll, landscapes surprise us more and more. There is water everywhere (too great free showers). In the form of seas, lakes or rivers with small islands of forests, it’s superb!





On the road, it was decided also to go through a spot of paragliding spotted by Nicolas to see if its the fact. And hop first tandem flight in the land of the Fjords (see article). After our flight, continue to roll direction instead of hiking the next day: departure to the Kjeragbolten. The road is sensational and I weigh my words! There are small lakes everywhere, that goes then that goes down and there are also large bends it is truly splendid. We stop make photos, there are Whitecaps everywhere. Short is chosen a great place to park for the night and be in the starting blocks for the hike of the next day.




Just lying means noise around the car. At the beginning you wonder what it is (I thought it was fireworks for the victory of France against the Ireland) but not understood with the sound of a Bell that in fact they are sheep who is concerned to tap our alloy wheels. Too much bling bling these sheep!



* We took the Fjord Line to Hirstshals – Kristiansand through site aferry. The crossing lasts 2 h 15 and departure is at the time.