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The European Tour 2016


More than 20,000 people follow our publications every week! Thank you for making this wonderful tour of Europe a success and allowed us to travel, learn, share and fly!

Here is the card that lists all the interviews and articles of the travel blog! Feel free to use it to learn more about climate change, renewable energy, and even prepare your future holiday! Simply click on the link associated with the icon.


In addition to 2 months through Europe we flew over fifteen countries, achieved a score of interviews and met with more than 150 people all more motivated than the others and invested in very action to combat climate change.

We are back more than ever very optimistic face the problem of climate change and believe that our generation will succeed to solve one of the biggest challenges facing humanity!

It was an incredible opportunity to meet the experts on these topics and interact with them on their vision and passion! And it is with great pleasure that we tried to share best knowledge via interviews and travel the blog.

And now for 2017?

2017, we want to capitalize on this experience and the knowledge to new actions of awareness, particularly among young people.

Indeed, we are going to propose interventions and exchanges on these issues in the schools and colleges. They also proposed for the greater, in companies, local authorities or any other organization making the request.

We come back to the tour of Europe, interviews, meetings, but also on the preparation and participation in the COP22 of Marrakech in the delegation of France and COP21 of business management team European and international the Ministry of environment and energy of the sea.

We are also preparing a tour of southern Europe for September 2017 that will also focus on sustainable mobility, the transport sector contributing to about ¼ of the total emissions of greenhouse gases.

Do not hesitate to contact us for questions, suggestions, requests for speeches, interviews on climate change or any other request, we will be happy to exchange with you!

We are also launching the partnership campaign to run the association for the year 2017. Feel free to help us by becoming a partner of the association, donor, or simply speaking into the air to the land around you!

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