Let's Discover Renewable Energy and Climate Change by Paragliding


What is it ?

The GOAL of the Fly for the Earth Project is to help you discover Renewable Energy and Climate Change as you have never seen before, through short, simple and impressive interviews, realize especially in tandem paragliding.

Interviewees will be specialists in their field (researchers, project managers etc.) and will explain a particular subject with very simple words, so that the message can be understood by ALL !

The project begins with interviews in France, some are already online. The program : the COP21 presented as never before, the relationship between the water cycle and climate change and many other topics!
Then the team will conduct an European Tour of Climate Change and Renewable Energy by Paragliding this summer. This will aim to meet different people and communities who act and are involved in the fight against climate change and the development of renewable energy, at all levels.
Finally, from the end of 2016, our team will continue the project in the african continent. This continent will take a great importance on these issues.
Parallel to this work, the Fly for the Earth Project will also go to primary, middle and high schools, in France, Europe and on the African continent, to sensitize younger to these issues of climate change and renewable energy.
Here are the different sites of production of renewable energy and paragliding we will visit:


Because Yes, these issues take up thousands of people. For the world of research, for example, hundreds of researchers in all fields (physics, chemistry, economics, policies etc.) work hard to produce some very interesting research articles.

But then quickly tell me how access to these articles? they are usually published only in academic journals (Nature for the best known) and therefore read by… others of course! This is understandable since these items are, for the most part, very specialized. However, when the authors take the time we just explain the main ideas, they understand fairly easily. It is same for many other topics including for renewable energy.

It was from here that the idea of our project came: propose to everybody, direct access to simple explanations of these people when interviewing. As we did not want that these interviews are boring, we had the idea of a new form of interview! These will be conducted in the Air, with a tandem paragliding, and the unique setting of beautiful landscape! We hope that associating different speeches to protect our planette to its beautiful landscapes, will be able to show you that it would be a shame to lose it all.

In the Air to the earth it is also a project to invite you to travel, culture and any other activity to discover the world. This is why we have also created a section travel on this site to share with you, all our experiences.

Come and Join Us !

Now that you know have read this page, visit the presentation of renewable energy with us! To learn more about climate change, paragliding or travel 🙂 And of course contact us or join us on networks: